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Pipe Making Plant
This range of PLC Controlled Pipe Making Plants is well known for its long working life and reasonable price. These plants are driven by 2 HP dual motor along with single frequency converter. Such plants are user friendly and have low production cost.
Plastic Process Plant
Plastic Process Plants are used for producing granules based form of PVC/PE/PET/PP etc. These motor controlled systems generate low noise and their emission rate is minimal. These machines are user friendly.
Pipe & Cable Marking Machine
This range of Pipe & Cable Marking Machines use fiber laser technology to create precision marking on PVC or HDPE or PET products. These energy efficient systems have standard components for their better performance.
Jockey Extruder
This range of Jockey Extruders is used for creating lining on HDPE or PVC pipes to boost their strength and to raise their stability. These extrusion lines have advanced features that improve quality of plastic pipes.
Pipe Plant Accessories
This array of Pipe Plant Accessories has been specially developed to enhance quality of produced HDPE or PP pipes. These accessories are offered in different mechanism, size, design and shape based choices. 

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